Pokemon Flux

pokemon flux

Pokemon Flux is a thrilling game that takes the gameplay to new heights and gives players an experience that is more engaging than ever before. Pokemon Flux is sure to keep fans of all ages interested and entertained.

You can find rare and strong creatures and fight other trainers in epic battles. But where can you get this great game to download? You don’t need to look any further. We have all the information you need to get into Pokemon Flux and start your trip today.


flux story

Altera is a wild and diverse region bursting with abundance and danger. It is also the only place in the Pokémon world that emits large amounts of Flux energy, a potent resource with numerous uses. Aside from electricity generation, flux also has applications in hand-held technology and Pokémon battles. This resource’s value and power contributed to rapid economic growth in the region. Despite this, reports began to emerge about vicious, power-up Pokémon appearing soon after humans began tapping into Flux energy.

Altera Pokémon League was formed to combat these Alter Pokémon and maintain peace and prosperity in Altera. It is designed to produce strong trainers to fight Alter Pokémon, rewarding them with fame and money. Trainers from all over the world participate in this notable league, which is structured differently than a typical Gym challenge.

On their way home from a championship match in Condor City, three friends meet the Alter Pokémon threat and embark on a life-changing journey across the Altera Region!


  • Alter Battles and Flux Moves are two entirely new battle mechanics!
  • A dex is full of new Pokémon from Tandor, Kanto, and Johto!
  • The overworld encounters include behavior patterns, emotions, loot drops, and more.
  • Rather than linear maps, the route layout looks like one in a wild area.
  • Gyms are not available! It has a completely different league structure and game progression than your typical fangame.
  • Dynamic lighting for caves, light sources, and forests. Improved weather effects with a new look.
  • Several online features such as trading, GTS, wonder trading, and battling are available.
  • Pokémon Flux is packed with many new features!
  • For many quests and encounters, the time of day matters, but don’t worry, there’s no need to manipulate your OS clock.

Pokemon Flux Download

Game NamePokémon Flux 
TypeFan Made
DeveloperPkmn Flux
VersionEpisode 1 (v1.0.1)