Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Download [Updated]

If you’re looking for a way to download the Pokemon Infinite Fusion ROM, you’re in luck! This fan-made game allows you to combine two Pokemon from different regions, creating a unique and powerful new creature.

This game features a huge selection of Pokemon parts, various color options, and various customization options.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Information

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a popular fan-made game where players can fuse two Pokemon to create a unique, powerful hybrid creature. This game offers a unique twist on the classic Pokemon formula by allowing players to customize their team with various fused Pokemon. Players can battle wild Pokemon, other trainers, and even legendary Pokemon. The game also includes a variety of new locations to explore, items to collect, and special events to participate in. Overall, Pokemon Infinite Fusion is an exciting, creative game that will provide hours of fun for all Pokemon fans.

The video game is full of different battle forms, such as single, double, and triple battles and team battles. Players may also de-engineer the virtual creature to allow them to create a more powerful, more unique one. It is not a GBA game like Pokemon Light Platinum.


  • Every Pokémon can combine with any other Pokémon. Every combination features a distinctive sprite, stats, moveset, Pokedex entry, and all other characteristics you anticipate from a Pokémon.
  • There are 176 400 possible combinations. It enables you to exercise creativity and create a wholly original team for each playtime.
  • Along with 101 Pokémon from generations 3 to 7, every Pokémon from generations 1 and 2 with their evolutions.
  • Over 20,000 unique sprites that the community created by hand.
  • 16 Awards Fight each of the 16 Gym Leaders in Kanto and Johto.
  • A whole Kanto region with additional locations and gen 4-5 motivational graphics
  • Post-game in Johto Continue to the Johto region three years before the Gold and Silver competitions.
  • Sevii Islands after the match Investigate the Sevii Islands to discover some unusual Pokémon.
  • renowned Pokémon
  • There are 25 legendary Pokémon to find and capture.
  • Pokémon are given nicknames directly from the menu.
  • More than 40 Sidequests
  • After fighting them, engage in a new match or trade with NPCs. NPCs that are repeatedly defeated get stronger each time and can eventually evolve new Pokémon.
  • sort of fairy
  • Simulator for WonderTrade
  • More rapid Day/Night system
  • Participate in the Battle Factory, the Triple Battle lounge, and more at the battle facilities.
  • built-in speed-up button
  • Standard or random modes
  • A unique game mode that reverses all trainer fusions

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Download

Game NamePokémon Infinite Fusion
Based onFan made

Creator’s Note – When you launch the game, it takes a bit of time to load all sprites.


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