Pokemon Infinity

pokemon infinity

Do you ever think about going to new places, fighting strong trainers, and getting rare and legendary Pokémon? If so, get ready to go on an incredible journey with Pokémon Infinity. This fan-made game takes the popular Pokémon world to a whole new level, letting players explore a huge universe full of secrets.

In this piece, we’ll talk about all the cool things about Pokémon Infinity and tell you everything you need to know about downloading it and getting lost in it. Prepare to let out your inner trainer and see a world of endless options.


You wake up in a forest, but you don’t remember who you are. With the help of a local professor and his assistant, you go on a trip around a strange island to try to remember what happened. Fun times while difficult tasks are on the way!


  • 1st to 6th Gen Pokémon and how they work
    More than 100 fake Pokemon, including regional forms, new evolutions, and designs made from scratch
  • Battle and trade online
  • Changes in the weather that depend on the day and time
  • The world runs on its own time because of the Unreal Time System.
  • There is a lot to do after the game is over.
  • The highest level you can get is now 150.
  • There are other ways to trade evolution Pokémon.
  • Over 650+ images for battles
  • Randomizer mode (must be turned on at an opponent’s PC before leaving the first town)
  • Use Ctrl to speed up.
  • Use F8 to save quickly.

Pokemon Infinity Download

Game NamePokémon Infinity
TypeFan Made
DeveloperAtomic Reactor
Version2.3.6 (Completed)


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