pokemon light platinum download

Pokemon Light Platinum Download 2021

Pokemon Light Platinum is one of the best rom of time. This game is a perfect game for a pokemon lover. In this game, you will see exciting features and stories.

ROM NamePokémon Light Platinum
DeveloperWesley FG
VirusTotal Check

Pokemon Light Platinum Info

The story of this game is very good than other games. Very character is designed with a great script. You will be going to see a lot of characters that create very special events in this game. Very one in this game has a specific role. You will find all types of pokemon in this game. Pokemon are from every generation. You will be able to catch a variety of pokemon. There are also some special pokemon that are designed especially for you.


  • Two brand new regions Zhery and Lauren
  • All new Gym Leaders and Elite Four
  • Face new rivals
  • Pokemon from all generation – Johto, Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova
  • All Legendary Pokemon are available
  • New and modern sprites and tiles
  • The new final event- Pokemon World Championship


I would like to thank the developer and PokeCommunity to make pokemon light platinum gba rom. Everything is taken from PokeCommunity and Internet.

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