Pokemon Radical Red

Pokemon Radical Red Download (v2.3a)

Pokemon Radical Red Download: Have you ever played pokemon games like pokemon fire red? Recently, a new version has already been launched with some extra features. Playing these games ignites a kind of thrilling experience.

Today, in this article, we will discuss the features of this game and tell you where you can easily download these games.

ROM NamePokémon Radical Red
Based OnFireRed

Pokemon Radical Red

A few days ago, Pokemon games released “Pokemon radical red” with fascinating advanced features.
Pokemon radical red is similar to the pokemon fire red game with just a slight difference. But if we talk about thrill and adventure, then this pokemon radical red is relatively more advanced than Pokemon fire red.

Although, the story is the same as pokemon fire red – Child, who stayed in the town of pallet around the Kanto region. He met Mr Oak (professor). They were thrilled when they encountered the first pokemon.
The new version compensates for the features of the previous version.

For example, pokemon radical red is a kind of re-emergence of pokemon fire red. There is no new story. You can also say that it’s just an advanced version of Pokemon FireRed.


This latest version is in-built with new features – 

  • Randomizer option (in-built)
  • Type – GBA
  • Version – v2.3a (new)
  • Too much difficulty
  • ROM hack
  • This version comes with Complete Fire Red Upgrade (CFRU)
  • This version comes in both modes – Hardcore mode as well as Easy mode.
  • You can not use all battles during training.
  • It comes with full dynamic expansion
  • The extent of new abilities
  • Pokemon legendaries
  • Colouring IV grade
  • Pokemon stats
  • EV training


Overall Reviews

Some gaming experts believe that this game is only worth playing, but it does not have special new features.

As a fan, this game may not satisfy you. But if you love challenges, then you can play this game. Try Pokemon Unbound for a new and Interesting Story.

Pokemon Radical Red Download

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Wrapping up

So finally, we discussed all Pokemon Radical Red, a very amusing game from the previous version.
Its new features, especially its playing mode, will make you feel crazy and more adventurous. The story is the same, but its new features make it more engaging.

4/5 (1 Review)

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