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Pokemon Unbound V2.1.1.1 (Completed)

Pokemon Unbound is a fascinating fan-made hack of firered. Download the latest version of Pokemon Unbound. Get Ready to discover the beauty of new region Borrius.

The historic Borrius Region serves as the backdrop for Pokemon Unbound’s narrative. The regions of Borrius and Kalos fought a decisive battle aeons ago. Borrius Region unleashed a dark force to aid them in their battle against Kalos Region, but Kalos Region called upon their ultimate weapon and ultimately defeated Borrius Region.

Pokemon Unbound Information

As a Pokemon trainer, you and your Pokemon have the power to stop “The Shadows” and and restore peace to the Borrius region. The entire region of Borrius is at your disposal. You are free to travel wherever you like. In addition, a completely new combat system has been implemented in the game.

You now have access to additional combat tools and skills. The game was made more engaging with the addition of new quests. Start your adventure today by playing the game and becoming a hero.


The story is set in the territory of Borrius, which has a long history. In the past few hundred years, the people of Borrius had to deal with a big war with a country. As time went on, it appeared like there was no hope left. The foreign country monarch finally made the decision to call forth a strong force to put an end to the conflict, and the ravaging weapon routed the Borrian army.

Frustrated and angry, the entire Borrian army marched back to their homeland and began plotting against their king. Borrian king started to have problems with his own people. The Borian people attempted to summon the same dark energy after being impressed by the powers of the foreign ruler, but fortunately the king was quick enough to seal the force power.

Some time later, an unknown group calling themselves the “Shadows” plotted to activate the enigmatic power. Along the way, you’ll have to figure out why this kind of authority is so highly sought after. Is is different than Pokemon Radical Red when we look at the story.


Battle Engine:

Pokémon Unbound has the Gen VIII combat system in its battle engine. Additionally, it has a tonne of features that make playing the game more enjoyable, like the ability to employ all of the Gen I–Gen VII actions and abilities, mega evolutions, the X–Y capture experience, limitless bag capacity, auto-run, and daily raids. You have a lot of stuff to learn.


Hidden Machine gives a Pokémon a move that is typically used to get around or over barriers. All of the HM are available to you to utilise without first having to teach them to a Pokémon; all you need is a Pokémon that has the ability to learn the HM.

Variety of content

You’ll also find a tonne of minigames and a variety of content, such the Underground Mining or the Safari Sniper. Additionally, there are a variety of activities that you can participate in during the day in Borrius; some are everyday and others can be found at particular locations.

Animation and Audio

Using Gen IV graphics, a Gen V UI, and a day/night system, Pokémon Unbound presents a stunning and well-organized Pokémon environment. You’re about to enter a brand-new universe! You’ll also be thrilled to learn that an original soundtrack (OST) with over 50 songs was created especially for user. Your ears will enjoy this.

Mega Evolution

The Mega evolution is the most exciting feature that everyone loves. Introduced in Generation VI, that enables a Pokemon to evolve in its mega form during a battle and become even more powerful temporarily. Good thing the feature is now supported in Pokemon Unbound using the usual Mega evolution process. It was a shocking improvement that the has now this very interesting feature.

Features List

  • Lots of features
  • A New Way to Run HM
  • Fresh pictures
  • Modes of Difficulty
  • A Unique Mission System
  • You can create Changes to a character
  • Everyday things
  • Exciting Mini-Games
  • A Custom OST A Rich Post-Game
  • Challenging Puzzles
  • The game gets an OST that the player made.
  • Beautiful graphics

Pokemon Unbound Download

ROM NamePokémon Unbound
Based OnFire Red

Note- This is Pre-Patched version, directly open and play. You did not need to patch it.



Download the latest version of rom from our site. Use have to use GBA Emulator in Android, Windows or Linux to Play this game.

This game had been complated in 2022, you can expect some update for bugs but as it is completed, no development is possible.

Everything is Collected from PokeCommunity or Intenet.

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